Open Competition results

Ladies Open Day 2021

1st   P.Benson J.Hill J.Cusack D.Naughton  74pts

2nd  A.Hinch W.Lockwood C.Barker N.Salzl  73pts

3rd  L.Middleton G.Hardcastle C.Stocks G.Mackay 72pts  

4th   T.Hoggard D.Wilson P.Stageman K.Roberts  70pts

Thankyou all for coming, see you again next year

Rabbits Am-Am  Thursday 3rd June 2021

1st  D.Lea I.Blockley R.Tomlinson M.Pitchforth  96pts

2nd  S.Johnson G.Mason M.Walls E.Gooderham  95pts

3rd  J.Tindall R.Baron M.Edwards P.Clayton  92pts

4th  S.Wickens B.Greatorex J.Cotton S.Blankey  89pts

Mixed Prize

1st  A.Barton M.Barton D.Duggleby E.Stokes  95pts

Nearest Pins
3rd  R.White
7th  C.Lawrence
14th  J.Sinclair
17th  J.Oakley

Straight drive

Mixed Open Sunday 13th June 2021

1st  J.Hutchinson & D.Doig  47pts
2nd  K.Hughes & T.Hughes  45pts
3rd  S.Savage & J.Savage  43pts
4th  S.Cammack & S.Clark  43pts

Nearest pins
3rd  S.Young
7th  S.Savage
14th  G.Davison
17th  A.Barrass

Seniors Open  Wed 11th August 2021

1st  G.Atkinson & M.Atkinson  47pts
2nd  B.Simpson & F.Peacock  47pts
3rd  J.Massaro & I.Wright  45pts
4th  D.Stevenson & J.Hall  45pts
5th  S.Toth & A.Brennan  44pts

Nearest Pins
3rd  D.Stevenson
7th  M.Beach
14th  B.Thompson
17th  A.Brennan

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