At the turn of the last century the game of golf had become very much in vogue and the absence of links in Scarborough was to the disadvantage of the town. Hence a movement was set afoot to provide golf links and tennis courts on South Cliff. The proposal at first was that the scheme should be municipal but later the movement became one of semi private character and a limited Liability Company was proposed in 1902.

The company was formed to carry out the scheme with power to let the land to two new clubs – Scarborough Town Golf Club and Scarborough Cliff Lawn Tennis Club. After little success the tennis club later folded. Distinguished golfers to play the course in the early days include Harry Vardon, James Braid and J H Taylor together with the 1907 Open Champion, Arnaund Massey.

After a period of serious neglect and suffering during the First World War, Dr MacKenzie of Cypress Point, Augusta National and Royal Melbourne fame was commissioned to design and supervise the construction of a new course which is, with some alterations, the one that is played today. A new clubhouse was added in 1930 and the professional’s shop in 1937.

As cliff erosion crept towards the 9th and 10th holes, the course was altered and remapped during the 1980s with new 16th and 17th holes. More holes were built in 2002 to accommodate the new Scarborough to Filey Road the 11th and 12th holes were completely new and the 3rd modified. A new bridge linked the two parts of the course and the dash across the busy road became a thing of the past!

Recent major investment in both course and clubhouse has ensured a course in magnificent condition and a clubhouse ideal for functions.