Subscription Rates

Subscription rates 2024/25 Standard Fee
Full Member £ 890
Senior Full Member £ 580
Intermediate Member (age 21-29) £ 580
Country Member £ 530
Joint Membership £ 1,740
New to Golf Member £ 395
New to Golf year 2 £ 630
Social Member £ 50
CASC Member * £ 570

Country Member means any playing member twenty one years or over living beyond a fifteen mile radius of the club and being a playing member of another golf club.
Senior Full Member means any playing member who has attained the age of 70 years and has been a full member for a continuous period of twenty five years.
Intermediate Membership means any playing member aged 21 - 29.
New to Golf membership - please contact the office for details

* The club is open to the whole community without discrimination including those on low or modest incomes. Anyone able to demonstrate they cannot afford full membership will be entitled to join the club and participate fully for £520.
If you cannot afford full membership please apply in writing to the Secretary providing information and any supporting documents that you have that demonstrate you cannot afford the full membership fee.
Each application will be considered on its merits. We may ask for further information or supporting documents as part of the application process.

Junior & Student Categories

Description Amount
Age 18 - 20 £ 265
Over 16 in full time education £ 265
Under 18 £ 75
Under 16 £ 50
Academy £ 25